about quoty

Quoty is the brainchild of Connor Boyack. Connor grew tired of resorting to a long Microsoft Word document for saving all his quotes. Patterned after the taxonomy-based structure of del.icio.us, he created Quoty to allow for tag-based quote organization and lookup.

quoty URLs

To use Quoty most efficiently, it's a good idea to understand the basic URL structure so you can easily access or link to your own quotes, tags, and those of other people as well.

http://quoty.connorboyack.com/tag/TAGNAME Look up all quotes tagged with TAGNAME.
http://quoty.connorboyack.com/user/USERNAME/ Look up all quotes by the user 'USERNAME'.
http://quoty.connorboyack.com/user/USERNAME/TAGNAME Look up all quotes by USERNAME tagged with TAGNAME.

quoty bookmarklet

You can also use Quoty with this bookmarklet below. Simply drag the link to your toolbar or add it to your favorites. Then when you're on a web page and want to save a quote from that page, simply select the text you want to save, and click the bookmarklet. Quoty will automatically load that URL and quote for you to save.

quoty firefox plugin

You can use the Quoty Firefox plugin to quickly search for a tag on Quoty. Click here to install the search plugin. (Note: Currently only works with Firefox 2). Firefox 1.0 and 1.5 users, click here.

quoty with soap

If you're a developer and would like to use Quoty as a web service, you can access a few functions w/ the SOAP protocol. Learn more on the Quoty soap page.

Using Quoty with SOAP allows you to do a myriad of things, such as displaying a random quote on your blog, showing a quote tagged with "computers" on your business website, etc. If you'd like to use this service but are unfamiliar with the SOAP protocol you can ask for help.

quoty with opensearch

Quoty also has an Open Search page to allow tags to be searched and retrieved from other sites by parsing the XML output. The URL to access this functionality is: http://quoty.connorboyack.com/opensearch?tag=TAGNAME (replace TAGNAME with the tag you wish to search for)

tag cloud

Visit the tag cloud to see a visual representation of all the tags saved in Quoty.