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You’re wishin’ too much, baby. You gotta stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone oughtta be

Author: Elizabeth Gilbert, Source: unknownSaved by l1nds4y in confidence dedication dream wish reality 1 year ago[save this] [permalink]

There was nothing I could do about it. As an Earthling, I had to believe whatever clocks said—and calendars

Author: Kurt Vonnegut, Source: Slaughterhouse FiveSaved by l1nds4y in world trust time helpless 1 year ago[save this] [permalink]

Next to music, beer was best

Author: Carson McCullers, Source: unknownSaved by l1nds4y in alcohol enjoyment music comedy 1 year ago[save this] [permalink]

So many things are possible just as long as you don’t know they’re impossible

Author: Norton Juster, Source: unknownSaved by l1nds4y in ignorance possibility dedication bravery 1 year ago[save this] [permalink]

Never say ‘no’ to adventures. Always say ‘yes,’ otherwise you’ll lead a very dull life

Author: Ian Fleming, Source: unknownSaved by l1nds4y in life choice enjoyment adventure descisions 1 year ago[save this] [permalink]

I’ve been homesick for countries I’ve never been, and longed to be where I couldn’t be

Author: John Cheever, Source: unknownSaved by l1nds4y in nature yearning travel vacation 1 year ago[save this] [permalink]

There’s something to be said about a slightly plump person—you have just enough of too much

Author: Jamaica Kincaid, Source: unknownSaved by l1nds4y in life worth appearance appreciation 1 year ago[save this] [permalink]

You swam in a river of chance and coincidence. You clung to the happiest accidents – the rest you let float by

Author: David Wroblewski, Source: unknownSaved by l1nds4y in life happiness accident chance deepquote 1 year ago[save this] [permalink]

Parents rarely let go of their children, so children let go of them. They move on. They move away. The moments that used to define them—a mother’s approval, a father’s nod—are covered by moments of their own accomplishments. It is not until much later, as the skin sags and the heart weakens, that children understand; their stories, and all their accomplishments, sit atop the stories of their mothers and fathers, stones upon stones, beneath the waters of their lives

Author: Mitch Albom, Source: The Five People You Meet in HeavenSaved by l1nds4y in success life perception parents age youth mom growingup dad 1 year ago[save this] [permalink]

It is because the human spirit knows, deep down, that all lives intersect. That death doesn’t just take someone, it misses someone else, and in the small distance between being taken and being missed, lives are changed

Author: Mitch Albom, Source: The Five People You Meet in HeavenSaved by l1nds4y in life spirit fate people death 1 year ago[save this] [permalink]

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