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One of my marriage students said, "In our society, we place so much emphasis on a potential partner's sex appeal that we neglect or remember that after the honeymoon that we will actually have to live together and have basic conversation. I don't remember what I used to imagine marriage to be. I probably thought it was all about passionate kisses and candle light dinners. I mean what single person doesn't. However after almost three years of marital bliss, reality has set in. Yes, romance and affection are part of the package, but that is not what I love most about my husband. I love that we can carry on an intelligent conversation. That he'll do the dishes without being asked, that we can disagree without fighting. That he gets the baby to sleep every night. I am so grateful I like my husband. When all is said and done, itís the day to day living that a couple needs to be able to do successfully. I would say that my marriage is 95% companionship, just enjoying being together, and 5% passionate kisses and candlelight dinners. And it varies from time to time too. The best marriage advice I ever heard was to marry your best friend. Oh, how true."
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