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History should not just be perceived as just politics and the military. it involves the whole realm of human expression and human experience. And to leave out music, art, literature, architecture, dance, poetry, drama is to leave out not just color and flavor and sound, but a lot of the soul of a culture. Many civilizations are known only for their art.

That's all as much a part of the American reality and the American story as our expected protagonists of history. In this one performance we have musicians, dancers, people speaking great literature, singing, architecture, all working at once. And we should never ever take it for granted.

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You know as well as I do the light in Barcelona is different from the light in Toyoko and the light in Toyoko is different from that in Prague. A truly great structure is meant to stand the test of time never disregards his environment. A serious architect takes that into account, he knows that if he wants presence he must consult with nature; he must be captivated by the light.
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