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Certainly if any person ought to interfere in political matters, it should be those whose minds and judgments are influenced by correct principles -- religious as well as political. Otherwise those persons professing religion would have to be governed by those who make no professions; be subject to their rule; have the law and word of God trampled under foot, and become as wicked as Sodom.... The cause of humanity, the cause of justice, the cause of freedom, the cause of patriotism, and the cause of God requires us to use our endeavors to put in righteous rulers. Our revelations tell us to seek diligently for good and wise men.
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We do not say that a man who ignores politics is a man who minds his own business. We say that he has no business being here at all.
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It is possible to argue for censorship...on the ground that in a republican form of government where the people rule, it is crucial that the character of the citizenry not be debased. By now we should have gotten over the liberal notion that its citizens' characters are none of the business of government. The government ought not try to impose virtue, but it can deter incitements to vice. "Liberals have always taken the position," the late Christopher Lasch wrote, "that democracy can dispense with civic virtue. According to this way of thinking, it is liberal institutions, not the character of citizens, that make democracy work." He cited India and Latin America as proof that formally democratic institutions are not enough for a workable social order, a proof that is disheartening as the conditions in parts of large American cities approach those of the Third World.
Author: Robert Bork, Source: Slouching Towards GomorrahSaved by richardkmiller in government virtue censorship character responsibility democracy civic 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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