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Not what, but Whom, I do believe,
     That, in my darkest hour of need,
     hath comfort that no mortal creed
     To mortal man give;--
   Not what, but Whom!
     For Christ is more than all the creeds,
     And His full life of gentle deeds
     Shall all the creeds outlive.
   Not what I do believe, but Whom!
     Who walks beside me in the gloom?
     Who shares the burden wearisome?
     Who all the dim way doth illume,
     And bids me look beyond the tomb
     The larger life to live? --
   Not what I do believe,
     But Whom!
     Not what,
     But Whom!      

Author: John Oxenham, Source: "Credo"Saved by jarvie in god christ faith belief creeds bkp credo 11 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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