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Note, It is an evidence of a discontented, distrustful, unstable spirit, to be weary of the place in which God hath set us, and to be for leaving it immediately whenever we meet with any uneasiness or inconvenience in it. It is folly to think of escaping that cross which, being laid in our way, we ought to take up. It is our wisdom to make the best of that which is, for it is seldom that changing our place is mending it.

Author: Matthew Henry, Source: Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible, Complete and Unabridged, Ruth 1:1Saved by ImaWriterIII in challenge cross suffering wisdom providence weary matthewhenry inconvenience 9 years ago[save this] [permalink]

Contrary to what might be expected, I look back on experiences that at the time seemed especially desolating and painful, with particular satisfaction.  Indeed, I can say with complete truthfulness that everything I have learned in my seventy-five years in this world, everything that has truly enhanced and enlightened my existence, has been through affliction and not through happiness, whether pursued or attained….This, of course, is what the Cross signifies.  And it is the Cross, more than anything else, that has called me inexorably to Christ.

Author: Malcolm Muggeridge, Source: as quoted by Ravi Zacharias in "Jesus Among Other Gods," page 153Saved by ImaWriterIII in cross christianity jesus malcolmmuggeridge rzquotes 9 years ago[save this] [permalink]

The incredible truth was that at the very moment His Father seemed farthest from Him, He was in the center of His Father’s will.  That is precisely what an understanding of the cross means.  Only when one comes to the cross and sees both in it and beyond it can evil be put in perspective.

What emerges from all of these thoughts is that God conqueers not in spite of the dark mystery of evil, but through it.

Author: Ravi Zacharias, Source: Jesus Among Other Gods, pgs. 135-136Saved by ImaWriterIII in evil cross suffering jesus providence ravizacharias 9 years ago[save this] [permalink]
Our scriptures combined with ancient scripture, are absolutely clear on this, as surely as Christ was secured to his cross, we must be secured to Him and if we are commanded (and we are) to take up our own cross, then the witness of Moroni clarifies that. It is that we are to deny ourselves of all ungodliness (Moroni 10). But beyond that denial, which He exemplifies, there is great joy.
Author: Truman G. Madsen, Source: The Savior, the Sacrament, and Self-Worth. http://ce.byu.edu/c...Saved by mlsscaress in christ cross joy commandment secure deny exemplify moroni 12 years ago[save this] [permalink]
Each of us comes to know his cross quite well. We know its configurations; we know its weight. We feel its rough edges. It would be so much easier for us to carry it if we could develop the faith which would permit us to cast our cares upon our Father in heaven, because he cares for us, as Peter reminds us. It would be so much easier to carry if we could do as Paul suggests and rid ourselves of the weights that we need not carry. We may think these are a part of carrying the cross when, in fact, they are a function of our own stupidity or our own sin. We can rid ourselves of these so that we may take up the cross and move swiftly and deliberately on to our journey.
Author: Neal A Maxwell, Source: Taking Up the Cross, Firesite BYU 4 Jan 1976: http://speeches....Saved by mlsscaress in faith cross salvation path atonement weight carry 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]
...all crosses are easier to carry when we keep moving.
Author: Neal A. Maxwell, Source: http://library.lds.org/nxt/gateway.dll/Magazines/Ensign/1976.h...Saved by cboyack in trial cross suffering 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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