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I have a complete confidence in the aggregate wisdom of the ... people, if they are given and made to understand the facts. he wisdom of the mass is always greater than the wisdom of the individual or of the group. The few may be more subtle, more agile-minded, more resourceful; they may for a time push to the front and scamper ahead in the march; they may on occasion and for a time entice us down the wrong highway at the crossroads. 

But the great slow-moving, deliberate-thinking mass plods along over the years down the Divinely appointed way. Led astray, they slowly, cumberously swing back to the right road, no matter what the toil or the sacrifice may be, and when they start the return, they crush whatever lies in their path. So has humanity come up through the ages.

Author: J. Reuben Clark, Jr, Source: Prophets, Principles, and National SurvivalSaved by mlsscaress in individual wisdom humanity voice deliberate collective agile subtle resourceful 12 years ago[save this] [permalink]
Make haste slowly.
Author: Caesar Augustus, Source: unknownSaved by richardkmiller in calm rash cavalier thoughtful deliberate 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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