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"Christmas is a time for remembering the Son of God and renewing our determination to take upon us His name. It is a time to reassess our lives and examine our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Let this be a time of remembrance, of gratitude, and a time of forgiveness. Let it be a time to ponder the Atonement of Jesus Christ and its meaning for each of us personally. Let it especially be a time of renewal and recommitment to live by the word of God and to obey His commandments. By doing this, we honor Him far more than we ever could with lights, gifts, or parties."

Author: Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Source: "Seeing Christmas through New Eyes,", December 5, 2010Saved by ragogoni in jesuschrist gratitude determination forgiveness christmas atonement ponder remembrance renewal renewing recommitment 9 years ago[save this] [permalink]

We will either find a way or make one.

Author: Hannibal, Source: UnknownSaved by ImaWriterIII in perseverance determination hannibal EDS 9 years ago[save this] [permalink]

Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead.

Author: David Farragut, Source: Battle of Mobil Bay, Aug. 5, 1864Saved by ImaWriterIII in perseverance determination EDS davidfarragut 9 years ago[save this] [permalink]

If you think you can, or if you think you can't - either way you're right!

Author: Henry Ford, Source: UnknownSaved by ImaWriterIII in perseverance determination henryford EDS 9 years ago[save this] [permalink]

Good character is more to be praised than outstanding talent.  Most talents are, to some extent, a gift.  Good character, by contrast, is not given to us.  We have to build it, piece by piece – by thought, choice, courage, and determination.

Author: H. Jackson Browne, Source: UnknownSaved by ImaWriterIII in integrity character choice thought talent courage determination hjacksonbrowne 9 years ago[save this] [permalink]

In history--in life--possibilities do not become realities of their own accord; someone, with his hands and his brain, with his labor and his self-sacrifice, must make realities of them. . . . All we are given is possibilities--to make ourselves one thing or another. . . .

[But] slovenliness. . . penetrates our whole national life from top to bottom. . . . [To oppose

slovenliness] the individual must. . . go into training, and give up many things, in the determination to surpass himself. . . . [A] generation [who will do that] can accomplish what centuries failed to achieve without [it]. And there, my young friends, lies [your] challenge. . . .

[Yours is] the historic [task] of restoring to the university its cardinal function of "enlightenment." . . . In the thick of life's urgencies and its passions, the university must assert itself as a major "spiritual power," . . . standing for serenity in the midst of frenzy, for seriousness and the grasp of intellect in the face of. . . unashamed stupidity.

Author: José Ortega y Gasset, Source: Mission of the University, trans. Howard LeeNostrand (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1944), pp. 39 45 passim, 86, 99]Saved by mlsscaress in sacrifice achievement progress challenge determination effort intellect serenity 10 years ago[save this] [permalink]

Ponder deeply and diligently in the scriptures and in the words of living prophets. Persist in prayer for the Holy Ghost to reveal to you the nature of God the Father and His Beloved Son. Plead that the Spirit will show you what the Lord wants you to do. Plan to do it. Promise Him to obey. Act with determination until you have done what He asked. And then pray to give thanks for the opportunity to serve and to know what you might do next.

Author: http://www.lds.org/conference/talk/display/0,5232,23-1-1207-21,00.html, Source: President Henry B. Eyring Saved by mlsscaress in revelation nature scriptures gratitude determination service obey holyghost prayer plan ponder act changeofheart returnandreport 10 years ago[save this] [permalink]

Without hard work, nothing grown but weeds.

Author: Gordon B. Hinkley, Source: unknownSaved by Doc in achievement work determination 11 years ago[save this] [permalink]

To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice a gift.

Author: Steve Prefontaine, Source: unknownSaved by Doc in talent determination effort 11 years ago[save this] [permalink]

Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, and I'll show you someone who has overcome adversity.

Author: Lou Holtz, Source: Whatever it takes quote bookSaved by Doc in achievement adversity determination 11 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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