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It is because the human spirit knows, deep down, that all lives intersect. That death doesn’t just take someone, it misses someone else, and in the small distance between being taken and being missed, lives are changed

Author: Mitch Albom, Source: The Five People You Meet in HeavenSaved by l1nds4y in life spirit fate people death 2 years ago[save this] [permalink]

Had he known his death was imminent, he might have gone somewhere else. Instead, he did what we all do. He went about his dull routine as if all the days in the world were still to come

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You can either become hardened by all that happens to you or softened.  Choose the second.  Every time.

Author: Emery Allen, Source: unknownSaved by l1nds4y in destiny optimism choice fate 2 years ago[save this] [permalink]

I am beginning to suspect that nothing that happens is fortuitous, that it all corresponds to a fate laid down before my birth...

Author: Isabel Allende, Source: The House of the SpiritsSaved by l1nds4y in destiny fate purpose future 2 years ago[save this] [permalink]

some people are meant to stay while others are meant to leave. And there’s really no difference between the two, except the way you change after you realize you have nothing else left to give

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“Fate is like a strange, unpopular restaurant, filled with odd waiters who bring you things you never asked for and don’t always like.”

Author: Lemony Snicket, Source: HorseradishSaved by l1nds4y in fate lemonysnicket 2 years ago[save this] [permalink]

Meeting you was a fate, becoming your friend was a choice but falling in love with you was beyond my control.

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TWO shall be born the whole wide world apart;
and speak in different tongues, and have no thought
Each of the other’s being, and no heed;
And these o’er unknown seas to unknown lands
Shall cross, escaping wreck, defying death,
And all unconsciously shape every act
And bend each wandering step to this one end,—
That, one day, out of darkness, they shall meet
And read life’s meaning in each other’s eyes. 


Author: Edmund Clarence Stedman, Source: "Fate"Saved by jarvie in fate love friendship bkp 11 years ago[save this] [permalink]
Never hate,
Always debate
try to cooperate
learn to negotiate
deny your fate
keep in a happy state
be early not late
keep track of the date
be paicent and wait
early not late

and you'll get through life great.
Author: Jennifer Cooper, Source: meSaved by TaintedPure in life fate learn late cooperate 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]
I do not believe in a fate that falls on men however they act; but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act.
Author: Buddha, Source: unknownSaved by Doc in action choice fate procrastination indecision inaction 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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