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Now I think there are plenty of times when God probably doesn't think it necessary to get involved. For instance, I've been asked whether I think God helps me with my science. That is, does God steer human efforts such as a scientific study? I don't think God cares very much about reaction rate theory. He's known it all along. All he does is in his mind reach out his hand and pat me on the head and say, "That's a nice little fellow. It's nice that you try." I think he cares about how I treat my fellowmen and is not very much impressed with the rest. On his scale, as Creator of the universe, what I have done couldn't be very impressive. After all, he can do integral calculus in his head.
Author: Henry Eyring, Source: Reflections of a Scientist. p91Saved by mlsscaress in kindness fellowmen 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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