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As a rule, leadership does not rest easily on young or inexperienced shoulders and human nature being what it is, young Joseph was manifesting the typical bravado of a boy his age who knows he is just coming into his own. Therefore, the telling ot these dreams was not so much an exhibition of boasting as it was a manifestation of the rich and exultant feelings which come to a youth when he suddenly realizes that he has a mission in life and a role to fill. He probably thought his family would be pelaed to know of these prophecies of his future leadership. But his brothers were bitter at what appeard to be a most preposteous presumption. This last dream even shocked Jacob. The scriputre says his "father rebuked him"
Author: W. Cleon Skousen, Source: The Third Thousand Years, p.73-74Saved by mlsscaress in leadership mission Jacob genesis37 joseph youth 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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