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It is natural for us to want to be happy, satisfied, and free. But due to ignorance of our true identity, our natural longing becomes misdirected and leads to further bondage and unhappiness.
Science of Identity Foundation - Siddhaswarupananda
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" In the same way that we do not befriend or reject somebody just on the basis of the type of clothing he is wearing, we should not feel prejudice nor bigotry towards others just because of the type of body that they are wearing. We should know that we aren't our bodies and thus not relate with others according to their temporary bodies."
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The subtle layers of matter that first cover you - such as the mind, intelligence, and false ego - are like underclothes.

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If you erroneously identify yourself with your body, you will conclude that your existence will end with the destruction of your body. But if you know that you are the eternal self within the body, you know that your existence will not end when your body dies.

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"The yogi's interest is inner peace and self-realization and social harmony."

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The idea of becoming nothing or void is not satisfying to the soul either. Spiritual life means oneness yet simultaneous diversity. Iím one with God, yet still Iím separate from Him, Iím an individual, and Godís an individual. Yet Iím one with Him in love and will.

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Hatred and conflict are often rooted in differences between people of different races and religions. We all need to respect people of different races as well as people of different faiths and religions. We need to unite by recognizing our common desire and need for a harmonious society - a society in which we and our children and families and friends and communities can all live our lives in peace and harmony. Regardless of our race or religion, we all want and need such social harmony.

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This same happy blessing could be experienced in every quorum and class and Young Women and Young Men group in the Church if all of us would permit this ďbest in usĒ to guide our lives. Peel off the outer layers of shyness and self-interest and lack of confidence and invite to the surface the noble instincts and generosity of spirit we all possess as a heritage from our Heavenly Father.

We can start by feeling and expressing to our Eternal Father our gratitude for being part of his eternal family, and part of his great Church family which extends to far corners of the earth, and part of a ward or branch family. The family we were born or adopted into and the future family we will establish should also be of the greatest concern to us.

Those of us who are lucky enough to belong to one of the good, if imperfect, families we talked about before, can thank God and make our best efforts to be a contributing citizen in a home where friendship and values and traditions and discipline exist, and where we can make a significant contribution if we are willing.

Those whose families are not what we wish they were can be thankful to parents who through Godís gift have given us life, and we can do everything we can do to minimize conflict and enhance harmony in our homes. Some small miracles occur where there just doesnít appear much probability that one young person can make a difference.
Author: Elder Marion D. Hanks, Source: Fitting into Your Family, New Era, Jun 1991, 4. http://www.lds...Saved by mlsscaress in gratitude confidence family home home parents miracles futurehome generosity harmony heritage shyness instincts enhance 12 years ago[save this] [permalink]

Our universe is characterized by order and harmony, yet we human beings must constantly struggle to achieve the same characteristics in our relationships. In fact, human beings seem to find it unnatural to cooperate with others. Successful individuals are those who have learned to swim against the current, to do the things that others refuse to do. They have learned how to work together for the benefit of the entire group. Achieving harmony in any relationship-business, personal, or professional-requires work. Take comfort in the fact that youíll accomplish far more working with others than working against them. Demonstrate that you care about all the members of your team.
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You cannot trust the many conflicting voices that clamor about what women should or should not do in todayís society. Some of the loudest voices we hear are echoes of others who, rather than being unhappy with their role as women, seem actually out of harmony with themselves and out of tune with life in general.
Author: James E. Faust, Source: A Message to My Granddaughters: Becoming ĎGreat Womení,Ē Ensign, Sep 1986, 16Saved by mlsscaress in self society women conflict harmony voices 12 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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