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Soon after arriving home from World War II, I had “promises to keep”—meaning going on a mission now. I grew tired of waiting for the bishop. And in some early ark-steadying, I went to the bishop’s home and said I had saved the money and wanted to go, so let’s “get this show on the road.” The good bishop hesitated, and then said he’d been meaning to ask me about going.

Years later, I would learn from that bishop’s devoted ward clerk that the bishop had felt I needed a little more time with my family after having been away so far and for a tenth of my life. Hearing this, I chastised myself for having been too judgmental.
Author: Neal A. Maxwell, Source: A Disciple’s Life: The Biography of Neal A. Maxwell [2002], 129–30Saved by mlsscaress in faith wisdom patience timing family home urgency judgmental 12 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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