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A lot of people simply don't bring this intensity to work, although they don't realize it. I try to describe it this way: Let's say there's an intensity level of 10. Some people can work to a certain intensity level and think they worked hard and achieve a 9 1/2. Another person can work at it and do a bad job and believe he or she worked to a 9 or a 10, but it would actually be a 4. So many people work at the minimums rather than the maximums. They're going to do as little as they can to pull together all the loose ends. A bunch of people say, "I wanna have..." and "I wanna be..." but they're not willing to pay the price. The price is time and effort and being a student of what you're doing.

Author: Larry H. Miller, Source: Driven, p.262Saved by mlsscaress in work effort maximum minimum intensity 9 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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