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[Take] these wild Indians; we call them savages; we call them heathens. Let yourselves be divested of prejudice . . . and let your minds be in open vision before the Almighty, seeing things as they are, [and] you will find that that very people know just as much about the Lord as anybody else.
Author: Brigham Young, Source: Journal of Discourses 3:87Saved by Doc in religion prejudice racism lamanites nativeamericans amerindians 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]
I wish to impress them with the necessity of treating the Indians with kindness, and to refrain from harboring that revengeful, vindictive feeling that many indulge in. I am convinced that as long as we harbor in us feelings towards them, so long they will be our enemies, and the Lord will suffer them to afflict us. But now their game has gone, and they are left to starve. It is our duty to feed them. The Lord has given us ability to cultivate the ground and reap bountiful harvests. We have an abundance of food for ourselves and for the stranger. It is our duty to feed these poor ignorant Indians; we are living on their possessions and at their homes. Do we wish to do right? You answer, yes. Then let the Lamanites come back to their homes, where they were born and brought up. This is the land that they and their fathers have walked over and called their own; and they have just as good a right to call it theirs to-day as any people have to call any land their own. The Indians are far oftener, if not always, when differences of education and habits are included, more sinned against than sinners.
Author: Brigham Young, Source: Journal of Discourses 11:26364Saved by Doc in rights peace lamanites nativeamericans amerindians land 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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