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The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always concealed by another name, and another occupation.
Author: Adam Weishaupt, Source: Letter to Cato, quoted in "Proofs of a Conspiracy"Saved by cboyack in conspiracy nwo illuminati 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]
We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.
Author: David Rockefeller, Source: Statement to the United Nations Business Council, 1994Saved by cboyack in conspiracy nwo 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]
The New World Order will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down...but in the end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece will accomplish much more than the old fashioned frontal assault.
Author: CFR member Richard Gardner, Source: Foreign Affairs (CFR's journal), April l974Saved by cboyack in conspiracy sovereignty nwo 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]
For a long time I felt that FDR had developed many thoughts and ideas that were his own to benefit this country, the United States. But, he didn't. Most of his thoughts, his political ammunition, as it were, were carefully manufactured for him in advanced by the Council on Foreign Relations-One World Money group. Brilliantly, with great gusto, like a fine piece of artillery, he exploded that prepared "ammunition" in the middle of an unsuspecting target, the American people, and thus paid off and returned his internationalist political support.

The UN is but a long-range, international banking apparatus clearly set up for financial and economic profit by a small group of powerful One-World revolutionaries, hungry for profit and power.

The depression was the calculated 'shearing' of the public by the World Money powers, triggered by the planned sudden shortage of supply of call money in the New York money market....The One World Government leaders and their ever close bankers have now acquired full control of the money and credit machinery of the U.S. via the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank.
Author: Curtis Dall, FDR's son-in-law, Source: My Exploited Father-in-LawSaved by cboyack in conspiracy fdr federalreserve depression cfr nwo unitednations un 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]
From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It played... a definitely recognizable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the Nineteenth Century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.
Author: Winston Churchill, Source: http://www.fpp.co.uk/bookchapters/WSC/WSCwrote1920.htmlSaved by cboyack in conspiracy secretcombination communism shadowgovernment russia nwo 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]
Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the Field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.
Author: Woodrow Wilson, Source: The New Freedom, 1913Saved by cboyack in politics conspiracy shadowgovernment nwo 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]
We shall have world government whether or not you like it, by conquest or consent.
Author: CFR member James Warburg, Source: Senate Foreign Relations Committee on February 17th, l950Saved by cboyack in war cfr worldgovernment nwo 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]
In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all.
Author: Strobe Talbot, President Clinton's Deputy Secretary of State, Source: Time Magazine, July 20th, l992.Saved by cboyack in conspiracy government nation sovereignty nwo 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]
No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.
Author: David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations, Source: UnknownSaved by cboyack in nwo luciferianism newage 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]
The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control.... Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent.
Author: Congressman Larry P. McDonald, killed in the Korean Airlines 747 that was shot down by the Soviets, Source: McDonald's Introduction to Gary Allen's book "The Rockefeller File", November 1975Saved by cboyack in conspiracy communism nwo rockefeller 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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