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Arranging and rearranging the materials, shelves, tables, and chairs can be a lot of fun, but itís tempting to always wonder if thereís another, better way that you just havenít tried yet.

A few simple principles should always be adhered to Ė they represent the classic Montessori classroom layout. As you can imagine, a preschool classroom layout is slightly different from an elementary one. The differences mirror the changing nature of the elementary child as they move from a wholly concrete environment to a more abstract one.

In a 3-6 classroom, the area closest to the entrance of the room should be, if at all possible, practical life. Sometimes this depends on where the sink is, but since it is the first place that most young children begin working when entering 3-6, it needs to be the first thing they see when entering the room. After that, each of the curricular areas proceeds around the room.

3-6 Classroom Order:

Practical Life

Itís easy to see the progression here; sensorial materials are usually the next step after practical life. Since many sensorial materials rely on the decimal system (10 cubes in the pink tower, 10 red rods, etc.), these materials transition nicely to math. Many children recognize numbers before letters, but soon they are ready for language materials. After the acquisition of language comes the ability to learn about culture Ė biology, history, geography, physical science, art, and music.

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Any society, whether it be social, religious or political, which is possessed of certain beliefs, and sets out to make them known, either by the spoken or written words, is practicing propaganda.
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There is no regularly constituted church of Christ on earth, nor any person qualified to administer any church ordinances; nor can there be until new apostles are sent by the Great Head of the Church for whose coming I am seeking.
Author: Roger Williams, Source: Statement of rejection of formal sectarian organizations and claims, as quoted in Picturesque America (1874) by William Cullen Bryant p. 502Saved by cboyack in church priesthood prophet apostle organization 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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