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Shafir and a colleague, Donald Redelmeier, demonstrates that paralysis can also be caused by choice.

...Giving students two good alternatives to studying, rather than one, paradoxically makes them less likely to choose either. This isn't "rational," but it is human.

Prioritization rescues people from the quicksand of decision angst, and that's why finding the core is so valuable. The people who listen to us will be constantly making decisions in an environment of uncertainty. They will suffer from the need to choose--even when the choice is between two good options, like the lecture and the foreign film.

Core messages help people avoid bad choices by reminding them of what's important.
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Why is prioritizing so difficult? In the abstract, it doesn't sound so tough. You prioritize important goals over less important goals. You prioritize goals that are "critical" ahead of goals that are "beneficial."
But what if we can't tell what's "critical" and what's "beneficial"? Sometimes it's not obvious. We often have to make decisions between one "unknown" and another. This kind of complexity can be paralyzing. In fact, psychologists have found that people can be driven to irrational decisions by too much complexity and uncertainty.
...Tversky and Shafir's study shows that uncertainty--even irrelevant uncertainty--can paralyze us.

Author: Chip Heath & Dan Heath, Source: Made to Stick --pp.35-36Saved by mlsscaress in uncertainty goals decision prioritizing critical beneficial paralysis complexity 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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