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Right is Right, no matter if it didn't come up with the desired result. Sometimes just knowing you stood your ground is the best reward.

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If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.

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Energy is always required to provide lift over opposing forces. These same laws apply in our personal lives. Whenever an undertaking is begun, both the energy and the will to endure are essential. The winner of a five-kilometer race is declared at the end of five kilometers, not at one or two. If you board a bus to Boston, you don’t get off at Burlington. If you want to gain an education, you don’t drop out along the way—just as you don’t pay to dine at an elegant restaurant only to walk away after sampling the salad.

Whatever your work may be, endure at the beginning, endure through opposing forces along the way, and endure to the end. Any job must be completed before you can enjoy the result for which you are working.

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"If you don't measure something, you can't change it. The process of leadership is one of painting a vision, then saying how you're going to get there, and then measuring whether you're actually getting there. Otherwise, you risk only talking about great things but not accomplishing them."
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4 points to keep in balance – by L. Tom Perry
1 – Education
2 – Live strictly within our income & save money
3 – Avoid excessive debt; avoid it like the plague
4 – Food Storage

“The current cries we hear coming from the great and spacious building tempt us to compete for ownership of things in this world. We think we need a larger home, with a 3-car garage, a recreational vehicle parked next to it. We long for designer clothes, extra TV sets, all with VCRs, the latest model computers and the newest car. Often these items are purchased with borrowed money, without giving any thought to providing for our future needs. The result of this instant gratification is overloaded bankruptcy courts and families that are far too preoccupied with their financial burdens."
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