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In a society that emphasizes self-satisfaction, many are deserting their families for some kind of “self-fulfillment,” either in their careers or through new and “more meaningful” relationships. There are instances when one must, with spiritual guidance, bring to an end a destructive relationship. But, too often, selfishness dominates and one leaves behind the richest opportunity for growth and eternal self-fulfillment—marriage and family. There is no setting that teaches unselfishness better than the family. And only through love and understanding can ultimate self-fulfillment be achieved.
Author: Steve F. Gilliland, Source: “Me and You—Finding Balance in Marriage,” Tambuli, Feb 1988, 38. “Me and You—Finding Balance in Marriage,” Tambuli, Feb 1988, 38Saved by mlsscaress in love understanding family marriage balance career relationships proper selffulfillment 12 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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