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No one would wish a bad marriage on anyone. But where do we think "good marriages" come from? They don't spring full-blown from the head of Zeus any more than does a good education, or good home teaching, or a good symphony. Why should a marriage require fewer tears and less toil and shabbier commitment than your job or your clothes or your car?

Yet some of you will spend less time on the quality and substance and purpose of your marriage--the highest, holiest, culminating covenant you make in this world--than you will in maintaining your '72 Datsun. And you will break the hearts of many innocent people, including perhaps your own, if that marriage is then dissolved.

"You must [not give] half-hearted compliance [to a marriage]," said President Kimball. "[It requires] all [our] consecration" (Spencer W. Kimball, "An Apostle Speaks about Marriage to John and Mary," Improvement Era, February 1949, p. 74). So every worthy task will require all that we can give to it. The Lord requires the heart and a willing mind if we are to eat the good of the land of Zion in the last days.
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