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"One thing you learn...You can't outrun the basketball...I have a shot, but you have a better shot. They break you down with their passes."

commentator, on the San Antonio Spurs

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In our relationship, Larry was the more "public" person. I was the "safe place" for him to come to and find peace. It took him a lot of years to accept the fact that I was what he called "milquetoast" until one day I said to him "This is exactly what you like about me --I am the only steady and calm thing in your life." Instantly he knew I was right. He had to go out into the chaotic world and slay dragons every day, and I was able to stay at home and make a place where he could find refuge, comfort, and love when he returned. He appreciated that.

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(Wives should treat their husbands) with mildness and affection. When a man is borne down with trouble, when he is perplexed with care and difficulty, if he can meet a smile instead of an argument or a murmur—if he can meet with mildness, it will calm down his soul and soothe his feelings.

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The best marriage guarantee you can have is the one you sign in the presence of your bishop--and it has to be renewed once a year. Using this recommend in the companionship of your husband or wife is the best antidivorce guarantee available--not just because you have entered the temple but also because of what temple worthiness represents. This guarantee requires supporting each other in Church callings, working out the payment of tithing, praying together, studying the scriptures together, and giving service together.

Author: BRUCE A. CHADWICK , Source: http://speeches.byu.edu/reader/reader.php?id=600&x=66&y=2Saved by mlsscaress in support temple tithing service marriage prayer unity study worthiness one truelove team guarantee recommend antidivorce 11 years ago[save this] [permalink]

Nonsense! Good marriages are created after you get up from your knees at the altar of the temple. Strong marriages emerge out of helping each other obtain your education, struggling financially, dealing with sickness, and coping with the shock produced by the birth of your first child. Life changes and moves ahead in many unanticipated ways. Changing jobs, moving to a different city, raising teenagers, caring for an aged parent, retirement, and similar activities and events are what produce eternal marriages. Overcoming these problems as a team--helping and supporting each other along the way--are what produce a happy marriage.

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MAINTAIN SOME INDEPENDENCE Pooling resources is important, but so is maintaining a degree of financial independence. Carve out some money for both partners to spend on things that make them happy. And when paring back, it’s essential that each person make sacrifices.

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Let me give you an example of how we learned about each other and ourselves after marriage. On those rare occasions when we could afford to go out I would ask Jan where she wanted to go. Invariably she would say it doesn’t matter. As a guy, hearing that, my thought are “it’s my choice” so when I arrive at a Mexican restaurant to hear, “I don’t want to eat here” didn’t sit well with me. This happened time and time again so we talked about it. I explained that it hurts when you say you don’t mind and then I make a choice and you disagree with it. Her thought was “I don’t want to always pick the place every time.” My thought, “Its okay with me I want you to be happy.” So how to resolve this. There is no magic in resolution, in fact the actual resolution doesn’t matter, and it’s just the process in coming up with one you both feel good about. In our case if she really had an preference she needs to make it know. If there were several possibilities its okay to say I don’t care. But instead of me then driving to one of my choice we learned I needed to make some suggestions of various possibilities. If one of those was in her preference list she could then make the choice known. If any of my suggestions fits it would then be okay to say, “any of those are okay with me” but before driving to one of them I would make the choice and when she agreed we drove off. Now this may sound cumbersome but it was just our little attempt to meet our individual needs in a real life situation. And the process of learning how to do that is what developing an eternal relationship is all about.
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Now, join me at the Last Supper room in Jerusalem. Standing here with Ann and me, amidst the hollow echoes of ancient limestone walls is Elder David B. Haight, and his wife, Ruby. People have said to me occasionally, "Elder Haight must have a great relationship with his wife." "How do you know?" I ask. "Because every third sentence he says 'Ruby and I.'" We noticed that.
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An army is a team. It lives, eats, sleeps, fights as a team.
This individuality stuff is a bunch of bullshit.
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