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No, no no no, you got into this business because you're funny and you're weird and you're socially retarded, and you also got into because it pays well...

Author: Jack Donaghey, Source: 30 RockSaved by wordlovergirl in business television writer show awkward rock actor 30 10 years ago[save this] [permalink]

We all have only one life to live on Earth. And through television we have the choice of encouraging others to demean this life or to cherish it in creative, imaginative ways.

Author: Fred "Mister" Rogers, Source: Fred "Mister" RogersSaved by wordlovergirl in life responsibility creative television 10 years ago[save this] [permalink]

The moral is that there is no such thing as "mere" entertainment. The human mind is an attachment machine, forming emotional bonds with stuffed animals, invertebrates and Izzie Stevens. A good drama might ease our loneliness, but a breakup is still a breakup.

Author: Jonah Lehrer, Source: http://scienceblogs.com/cortex/2009/07/television_and_loneline...Saved by Doc in humanity television entertainment emotion attachment connections 10 years ago[save this] [permalink]

Perhaps the proper response to outrageous behavior is outrage, or, more to the point, the proper response to outrageous television is outrage. I express my own and this Church's disappointment, disagreement, and even outrage with television that turns our attention and sometimes our inclinations toward violence, self-serving greed, profanity, disrespect for traditional values, sexual promiscuity, and deviance.

Author: M. Russell Ballard, Source: http://lds.org/ldsorg/v/index.jsp?vgnextoid=2354fccf2b7db010Vg...Saved by cboyack in media morality television 11 years ago[save this] [permalink]
I regard television as perhaps the greatest tool yet created to teach and educate people in large numbers. But I decry the filth, the rot, the violence, and the profanity that spew from television screens into our homes. It is a sad commentary on our societies. The fact that the television set is on six or seven hours every day in many homes says something of tremendous importance. I feel sorry for those who are addicted to the tube. I believe it is an addiction. It becomes a habit as pernicious as many other bad habits. I feel sorry for parents who do not read to their young children. I feel sorry for children who do not learn the wonders to be found in good books, or how stimulating an experience it is to get into the mind of a great thinker as that person expresses himself or herself, with language cultivated and polished, concerning great and important issues.
Author: Gordon B. Hinckley, Source: “Four Simple Things to Help Our Families and Our Nations,” Ensign, Sep 1996, 2Saved by cboyack in society book knowledge addiction learning television 12 years ago[save this] [permalink]
I am convinced by a vast amount of research that the images, fantasies, and models which we are repeatedly exposed to in advertisements, entertainment, novels, motion pictures, and other works of art can and do … affect the self-image and, later, the behavior of nearly all young people and adults too.
Author: Victor B. Cline, Source: http://lds.org/portal/site/LDSOrg/menuitem.b12f9d18fae655bb690...Saved by cboyack in media advertising television tv fantasy 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]
Why do people feel guilty about TV? What is wrong with it? Just this: it shuts out all the wonderful things of which the mind is capable, leaving it drugged in a state of thoughtless stupor.
Author: Hugh Nibley, Source: OAT, p. 109Saved by Brookewheat in media television 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]
Largely due to television, your generation lives inside of the great and spacious building.
Author: Boyd K. Packer, Source: BYU Devotional, 1/16/07Saved by cboyack in television tv greatandspaciousbuilding 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]
There are a few things I learned very early in my career as a television critic:

• No problem is so big it that can’t be solved in twenty-three minutes (thirty, counting commercials);
• For all of its talk about public service and art, commercial television exists to sell soap;
• There is often no discernible correlation between the real world and Hollywood’s perception of reality.
Author: Joseph Walker, Source: http://library.lds.org/nxt/gateway.dll/Magazines/Ensign/1993.h...Saved by rickety in art television reality hollywood 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]
The miracles of modern technology have brought efficiency into our lives in ways not dreamed of a generation ago, yet with this new technology has come a deluge of new challenges to our morals and our values. Some tend to rely more on technology than on theology. I hasten to add that scientific knowledge, the marvels of communication, and the wonders of modern medicine have come from the Lord to enhance His work throughout the world.... But Satan, of course, is aware of this great progress in technology and likewise takes advantage of it for his purposes, which are to destroy and despoil. He delights in the pornography on the Internet and the sleaze in many of our movies and television shows. He has even engineered some of his own satanic messages into some of our modern music.
Author: James E. Faust, Source: http://beta.lds.org/portal/site/LDSOrg/menuitem.b12f9d18fae655...Saved by rickety in satan world work communication internet knowledge technology television pornography music challenges lord miracles generation morals values theology medicine movies 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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