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“…Perhaps a few things we can properly say, ‘That’s how I am!’ But of many things—all those involving spiritual consequences, some obvious, some subtle—we cannot justifiably say, ‘That’s how I am!’ Instead, we have a solemn obligation to strive to become like Jesus by putting off the natural package, and this also helps by lightening our load for the journey along the straight and narrow path.
“It is one thing to say we have little interest in sports and quite another to say that we have little interest in becoming more patient in our relationships with others. How can we become as the Savior is if we remain impatient?
“We may enjoy listening to a symphony but disdain listening to children. Yet can we conceive of praying to a non-listening God?
“…Thus serious discipleship neither expects perfection in others nor denies the need to progress toward it in oneself.
“One person might have abilities demonstrably greater than those of his peers, yet this would be no excuse to avoid the wise delegation of significant tasks to them. After all, a perfect God shares His work with us.”
Author: Neal A Maxwell, Source: Men & Women of Christ. p55-56Saved by mlsscaress in thatshowiam 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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