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So here we were, sitting in his house (my bishop) late at night, and he turned serious, even stern. "I'm going to ask you the worthiness questions, and this time I want answers." So I answered all the questions, and there was only one question that I answered negatively: "Do you pay tithing?" I said no.

The bishop asked why.

"I don't know, I said. "I can't afford it; I just don't."

So, the bishop asked me if I would star paying tithing and I agreed.

Then he asked me if there were any other problems we should discuss.

"I swear-a lot," I said.

"Do you take the name of the Lord in vain?"


"Why do you swear?"

"It's better than hitting people," I said.

The bishop laughed. "Will you quit swearing?"

When I quickly agreed to his request, the bishop said, "You said that readily."

"Well, I don't swear in front of women," I explained, "so I guess I can control myself at other times, too."

The bishop concluded the meeting by asking me again, "Will you quit swearing and will you pay tithing?"

I said yes. I went home-I remember the date: December 28, 1978- and I told Gail, "Starting the fifth of January, I want you to take our gross income and pay tithing on it and don't ever ask me about it again."

A lot of things broke loose after that. If you asked me what the turning points of my life were, I would say marrying Gail and paying tithing. Ever since I made that decision to pay tithing, the Church has been the guiding force in my life-in business, family, everything. I have undergone a curious change since then as well. When I was younger, going to church was a duty. I did it because of social and family pressure. That all changed. Church became an enjoyable refuge for me and a place to learn. I love going to church, sitting there listening to the songs, the lessons, and the testimonies. It feels like a safe, comfortable place, and I have found something to be true that I have always preached to my employees: You can learn something in every meeting if you're teachable and have the right attitude and are humble.

Author: Larry H. Miller, Source: Driven, p.96-97Saved by mlsscaress in tithing learn refuge churchattendance turningpoint 9 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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