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As I have listened to the women in the Stake, I have become concerned at the level of anxiety that is expressed over the many challenges and decisions facing them. I have become troubled over the lack of peace in their lives. It is starkly apparent to me that the amount of peace we have in our lives is in direct proportion to the amount of trust we have in the Savior. Peace will not come by fixing the apparently broken aspects of our lives. There will always be something in our lives that appears to be broken, because remember, that is the plan and we should not want it to be cut short before we reach perfection. Peace comes when we want it to. It comes because we let go our our control and hand it over to Him. It comes because we are constantly seeking the Holy Ghost and have tested its guidance sufficiently to not worry about the broken and undone aspects of our lives because we are attending to that which we are directed to attend. It comes because we know that the Atonement is constantly and persistently active in our lives because our hearts and desires are facing the right direction and because of this we do not panic over our weaknesses. It comes because in this state of being, our lives are sufficiently sensitive and aligned to permit the Holy Ghost to act as comforter as it is promised to us. It comes because we have that unique sense of time that has ultimate hope in the future, and has the capacity to accept each day as it passes. We make it happen as we trust the Savior.

So, I leave you with this question;

Do we trust the Savior sufficiently to allow some things to be left undone in our lives?

I pray that we will trust in Him sufficiently to find peace.
Author: Campbell Gray, Source: February 2. 2003 - Stake ConferenceSaved by mlsscaress in trust present peace hope anxiety holyghost atonement undone broken 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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