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I am not sugar and spice and everything nice.

I am art.

I am a story.

I am a church bell, gonging out wrongs and rights and normal nights.

I was baby.  I am child.  I will be mother.

I don’t mind being considered beautiful, I do not allow that to be my definition.

I am a rich pie strong with knowledge.

I will not be eaten.

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Through the appearance of a beautiful woman, many men have been destroyed, and she has killed a vast number.

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Sisters, I testify that when you stand in front of your heavenly parents in those royal courts on high and look into Her eyes and behold Her countenance, any question you ever had about the role of women in the kingdom will evaporate into the rich celestial air, because at that moment you will see standing directly in front of you, your divine nature and destiny.

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"You were not created to be the same as men. Your natural attributes, affections, and personalities are entirely different from these of a man. They consist of faithfulness, benevolence, kindness, and charity. They also balance the more aggressive and competitive nature of man. The business world is competitive and sometimes ruthless. We do not doubt that women have both the brain power and the skills to compete with men. But by competing they must of necessity, become aggressive and competitive. Thus their godly attributes are diminished and they acquire a quality of sameness with man. The conventional wisdom of the day would have you be equal with men. We say, we would not have you descend to that level."

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"No matter what circumstances you sisters experience, your influence can be marvelously far-reaching. I believe some of you have a tendency to underestimate your profound capacity for blessing the lives of others. More often than not, it is not on the stage with some public pronouncement but in your example of righteousness and the countless gentle acts of love and kindness done so willingly, so often on a one-to-one basis."

Author: James E. Faust, Source: "You Are All Heaven Sent," Ensign, Nov. 2002, 110Saved by dyejo in influence love women mother woman 10 years ago[save this] [permalink]

"I wonder if you sisters fully understand the greatness of your gifts and talents and how all of you can achieve the "highest place of honor" in the Church and in the world. One of your unique, precious, and sublime gifts is your femininity, with its natural grace, goodness, and divinity. Femininity is not just lipstick, stylish hairdos, and trendy clothes. It is the divine adornment of humanity. It finds expression in your qualities of your capacity to love, your spirituality, delicacy, radiance, sensitivity, creativity, charm, graciousness, gentleness, dignity, and quiet strength. It is manifest differently in each girl or woman, but each of you possesses it."

Author: James E. Faust, Source: "Womanhood: The Highest Place of Honor", Ensign, May 2000, 95Saved by dyejo in womanhood honor mother woman parent mom 11 years ago[save this] [permalink]
By the same token, a woman’s righteous and appropriate desires to grow, to develop, and to magnify her talents—desires strongly reinforced by current feminist teachings—also have their extreme manifestations, which can lead to attempts to preempt priesthood leadership, to the advocacy of ideas out of harmony with Church doctrine, or even to the abandonment of family responsibilities.
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"Being a mother and nurturer"

The various roles of women have not decreased a woman’s responsibility. While these roles are challenging, the central roles of wife and mother remain in the soul and cry out to be satisfied. It is in the soul to want to love and be loved by a good man and to be able to respond to the God-given, deepest feelings of womanhood—those of being a mother and nurturer.

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Joseph Smith made many prophetic statements that last to our day. Some of them seemed preposterous at the time. Lillie Freeze recalls one such. "He said the time would come when none but the women of the Latter-day Saints would be willing to bear children."

In large measure this is already happening today-before our eyes. He said on another occasion that the Saints would be driven and would suffer, but they would go to the Rocky Mountains and there become a great and mighty people. Other recollections of that prophecy do not say a great and "mighty" but a great and "wealthy" people who would be tried more with riches than they ever had been with poverty. This too is happening before our eyes.

One can refuse to bear (beget) children. And one can refuse to bear (love and nurture) begotten children. Both refusals are epidemic in our time.
Author: Truman G. Madsen, Source: Joseph Smith the Prophet, p. 39. Original source of quote: Young Woman's Journal, Nov. 1890, 81Saved by cboyack in josephsmith children prophecy motherhood family birth woman 12 years ago[save this] [permalink]
it takes a woman and a man to make a man.
Author: John Taylor, Source: 1877 Journal of Discourses 19:245Saved by jarvie in man men marriage woman manly 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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