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Many people practice tai chi, chi gong, and so on with the aim of keeping their bodies fit for a long time. There is certainly nothing wrong with keeping one's body fit-indeed, it is one of the aims of yoga-but unfortunately, many such people are trying to run away from the inevitable death of the body. Some mystic yogis strive to keep their bodies alive forever-but that is not possible. Even if one was the greatest yogi and could keep his body alive for thousands of years, that still is not forever.Jagad Guru Chris Butler - Science of Identity Foundation

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" In the same way that we do not befriend or reject somebody just on the basis of the type of clothing he is wearing, we should not feel prejudice nor bigotry towards others just because of the type of body that they are wearing. We should know that we aren't our bodies and thus not relate with others according to their temporary bodies."
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