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In my experience, I've found that most women don't know their true worth. They judge themselves against unrealistic standards set by advertisers and fashion magazines. They believe they can never be smart enough, pretty enough, rich enough, successful enough, good enough. They are their own harshest critics, panning every performance, calling themselves up short. They have so little confidence in their ability to succeed that it often leads to a critical case of stage fright. Unwilling to risk a negative review, they stay out of the spotlight and remain in the wings.

Author: T.D. Jakes, Source: God's Leading Lady p. 159Saved by supermermaid in faith fear women empowerment 8 years ago[save this] [permalink]

She had laughed out loud when she picked up a small wooden box that held at least two dozen elongated pennies, the kind you made yourself in a machine as souvenirs. Jane spotted a Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone picture among them and felt that she might have happened on a collection that belonged to one person, one family. Maybe she would be able to track their every summer vacation by laying out their reasonably priced souvenirs, hand cranked out by the kids at every stop along the way.

- lead character, Jane Wheel

Author: Sharon Fiffer, Source: The Wrong StuffSaved by supermermaid in collecting memories keepsakes souvenirs 8 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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