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The growing world-wide responsibilities of the Church make it inadvisable for the Church to seek to respond to all of the various and complex issues involved in the mounting problems of the many cities and communities in which members live. But this complexity does not absolve members as individuals from filling their responsibilities as citizens in their own communities.

We urge our members to do their civic duty and to assume their responsibilities as individual citizens in seeking solutions to the problems which beset our cities and communities.

With our wide ranging mission, so far as mankind is concerned, Church members cannot ignore the many practical problems that require solution if our families are to live in an environment conducive to spirituality.

Where solutions to these practical problems require cooperative action with those not of our faith, members should not be reticent in doing their part in joining and leading in those efforts where they can make an individual contribution to those causes which are consistent with the standards of the Church.

Individual Church members cannot, of course, represent or commit the Church, but should, nevertheless, be 'anxiously engaged' in good causes, using the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as their constant guide.
Author: First Presidency, Source: Statement, 1 September 1976Saved by cboyack in politics education duty responsibility leadership service activism community anxiouslyengaged 12 years ago[save this] [permalink]
I return again to the words anxiously engaged. They do not mean hectically engaged. They do not mean frantically engaged. Rather, they reflect a deep, quiet commitment--some anticipation of what lies ahead... Now there is a problem that we have to face. C.S. Lewis called it "the tether and pang of the particular." He was describing life's local situations with which we must deal... that marvelous Book of Mormon tells us that we have got to be content with the things allotted to us. Whatever the circumference of our tether is, we ought to be content with that and live within the tether and pang of the particular.
...Please, submit your will to God. It is the only gift you've got to give. And the sooner it is placed on the altar, the better it will be for all.... This is the Lord's work.... And you have been called to carry it forward today...
Author: Neal A. Maxwell, Source: Ensign, August 2000 pp. 6-13Saved by soeurane in cslewis commitment missionarywork anxiouslyengaged 12 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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