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An individual . . . with [an] abhorrence of evil [joins the Church]. He sets himself upon watch to detect the failings of others, deeming that he is doing God [a] service in being so employed. And thus he is decoyed into the occupation of the great master of evil, to be the accuser of his brethren. And during the time thus occupied by him, he considers himself actuated by the purest motives, arising from detestation of sin . . . . Yet mark the subtlety of Satan in thus leading men into a false position. Such a course, in the first place, probably arose from the purest of motives, and perhaps the individual was instrumental in rectifying some error; he feels a satisfaction for having done so; his self-esteem is gratified; and ere he is aware, he is seeking for another opportunity of doing the same, . . . continually set[ting] himself up as being capable of sitting in judgment upon others, and of rectifying by his own ability the affairs of the kingdom of God.
Author: Brigham Young, Source: Millenial Star 6(1845):165-166Saved by Doc in pride selfrighteousness arksteadying selfgratification armofflesh 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]
Critics within the Church have done the same thing; they still take the position of high academic advantage. There were always those among the Brethren themselves who, resenting Joseph Smith's towering ascendency in view of his limited education, tried to bring him down with terrible affidavits, which they later admitted were false. Some of "the first Elders of this Church," reported Brigham, "decided that Joseph did not understand temporal matters." The first bishops of the Church said they believed with all their heart that they understood the temporal matters far better than the Prophet Joseph. "I have seen men who belonged to this kingdom, and who really thought that if they were not associated with it, it could not progress." So the critics magnanimously volunteer their superior intellectual powers and put them at the disposal of the Church.

Author: Hugh Nibley, Source: Brother Brigham Challenges the Saints Criticizing the Brethren pp. 40748Saved by Doc in revelation humility pride authority learning criticism arksteadying 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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