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I meant to go back, but you may guess
I was filled with amazement I cannot express
To think that after those horrible years,
That passion of loathing and passion of fears,
By sores unendurable eaten, defiled
My flesh was as smooth as the flesh of a child.
I was drunken with joy; I was crazy with glee;
I scarcely could walk and I scarcely could see,
For the dazzle of sunshine where all had been black;
But I meant to go back, Oh, I meant to go back!
I had though to return, when my people came out,
There were tears of rejoicing and laughter and shout;
My cup was so full I seemed nothing to lack
But I meant to go back, Oh, I meant to go back!

Author: Unknown, Source: The Remorse of the Nine Ungrateful Lepers, from Luke 17:11-19Saved by ImaWriterIII in sorrow poem unknown goodintentions leper thankful grateful remorse 9 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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