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The challenge for most of us is that, while we believe these things, the events of that day in 1820 are far away and sometimes forgotten. The wear and tear of daily living often overshadow the things we know; and we fail to heed. Without meaning to, we sometimes fine ourselves doing or saying things that are inconsistent with the voices from the grove, and Jospeh's exsperience there ceases, for a time, to have what Elder Neal A. Maxwell called "operative relevancy" for our lives.

To ensure that I do not forget the things that my eyes have seen and my heart has felt, I carry with me a reminder of the reality of the First Vision. It is a leaf from a 200-year old beech tree. I found it in the Sacred Grove a few years ago. The tree, a s nearly as I can tell, was in the grove on that spring morning in 1820. Perhaps some of the light Joseph saw shone on it and caused it to sink its roots deper into the rocky soil. I keep the leaf in my scriptures, and every time I open them, the leaf helps remind me of what I know.

May we always remember what we know and most surely believe, and may our lives reverently reflect the reality of these things.

Author: Elder F. Howard Burton, Source: "Hearing & Heeding the Message from the Grove." Ensigh, February 2009. p.13Saved by mlsscaress in heart see heed voices reminder remeber faraway inconsistent operativerelevancy 11 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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