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mediation...describes the fundamentally, but fundamentally uneven, dialectical process in which institutionalised media are involved in the general circulaiton of symbols in social life.

Author: Roger Silverstone, Source: Media and Morality: on the rise of the mediapolis (2006) (p. 109)Saved by longjacket in mediation 9 years ago[save this] [permalink]
We are commanded to remember the singular events of the mediation, Crucifixion, and the Atonement by partaking of the sacrament weekly. In the spirit of the sacramental prayers, we partake of the bread and water in remembrance of the body and the blood sacrificed for us, and we are to remember Him and keep His commandments so that we may always have His Spirit to be with us.
Author: Elder James E. Faust, Source: The Atonement: Our Greatest Hope, Liahona, Jan 2002, 1922. ht...Saved by mlsscaress in body blood sacrament atonement remembrance mediation crucifixion 12 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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