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I want a sweet sense of Thy pardoning love,
That my manifold sins are forgiven;
That Christ, as my Advocate, pleadeth above,
That my name is recorded in Heaven.
I want every moment to feel
That Thy Spirit resides in my heart ─
That His power is present to cleanse and to heal,
And newness of life to impart.
I want ─ Oh! I want to attain
Some likeness; my Saviour, to Thee!
That longed-for resemblance once more to regain,
Thy comeliness put upon me.
I want to be marked for Thine own ─
Thy seal on my forehead to wear;
To receive that new name on that mystic white stone
Which none but Thyself can declare.
I want so in Thee to abide
As to bring forth some fruit to Thy praise;
The branch which Thou prunest, though feeble and dried,
May, languish, but never decays.
I want, by my aspect serene,
My actions and words, to declare
That my treasure is placed in a country unseen,
That my heartís best affections are there.
I want as a travíller to haste
Straight onward, nor pause on my way;
Nor fore thought in anxious contrivance to waste
On the tent only pitched for a day.
I want ─ and this sums up my prayer ─
To glorify Thee till I die;
Then calmly to yield up my soul to Thy care,
And breath out in faith my last sigh.

Author: Unknown, Source: printed in "Elsie Dinsmore," by Martha Finley, under the title of "A Pilgrim's Wants." MF did not write it, nor did she know who didSaved by ImaWriterIII in poem unknown pilgrimswants 9 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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