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This scriptural account (Matthew 14:23-27) reminds us that the first step in coming to Christ--or his coming to us--may fill us with something very much like sheer terror. It shouldn't, but it sometimes does. One of the grand ironies of the gospel is that the very source of help and safety being offered us is the thing from which we may, in our mortal shortsightedness, flee. For whatever the reason, I have seen investigators run from baptism, I have seen elders run from a mission call, I have seen sweethearts run from marriage, and I have seen young couples run from the fear of families and the future. Too often too many of us run from the very things that will bless us and save us and soothe us. Too often we see gospel commitments and commandments as something to be feared and forsaken.
Author: Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Source: "Come unto Me", fireside address 2 March 1997, http://speeches...Saved by mlsscaress in christ commitments storm safetly bless sooth irony 13 years ago[save this] [permalink]

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